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People Living the Great Turning

The Work That Reconnects

Feeling angry, fearful or grief-stricken in response the Iraq war, the financial and ecological crises or the BP oil spill? Many of us are. For over forty years Joanna Macy has been offering compelling insight into the interplay of world events and our personally lived experiences of them. She holds that our emotional responses to such events play a crucial role in pointing the way forward towards our collective health. In The Work That Reconnects, she offers techniques… Read More

Rites of Passage

David Courchene, Neeghani Aki Innini (Leading Earth Man) has travelled internationally, carrying a message of hope and peace, and sharing ancient indigenous knowledge that he believes can act as the foundation in supporting the New Life, that Mother Earth is now entering, and that the Elders have confirmed has arrived.

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Nature Reconnection

Jon Young, a naturalist, educator, and author, was mentored from a young age by tracker and author Tom Brown. He is a firm believer in the power of mentorship to open new doors of perception. He believes that western culture has been traumatized by its disconnection from nature, leading us to further create traumatic around us. Thus, in his work as a mentor, he helps people connect deeply with nature, believing in the premise that reconnection puts us on a path of personal and cultural healing. Read More

Generation Waking Up

Joshua Gorman, a ‘youth elder’ at 31 years of age, is the main instigator behind the movement Generation Waking Up:

“A new generation of young people is waking up. We are the middle children of History, coming of age at the crossroads of civilization, a generation rising between an old world dying and a new world being born. We are the ‘make-it or break-it’ generation, the ‘all-or-nothing’ generation, the crucible through which civilization must pass or crash.” Read More

Integral Social Change

Rose Sackey-Milligan is at the front of what many are seeing as a new philosophy, ethic and practice of social change emerging in today’s world.

Her life’s work is rooted in heart-centered contemplative practices and an integral model of human growth that holds culture, personal story and systems of oppression as co-arising. Read More

David C. Korten and The Great Turning

David Korten is a cofounder and board chair of the Positive Futures Network, which publishes YES! magazine, and is founder and director of the People-Centered Development Forum. He is an important voice calling western culture to wake up to the devastation created by the today’s Corporation. He asks that we re-examine some foundational, mis-guided beliefs on which these systems thrive. His book… Read More

The work of each of these individuals will be featured in some fashion in The Great Turning film.


Blog Posts

Lynn Twist Presents: FOUR YEARS. GO.

April 19, 2010 : Blog

Lynne Twist Presents FOUR YEARS. GO. from FOUR YEARS. GO. on Vimeo.

Inspired by a Pachamama Alliance trip to the Ecuadorian Rainforest, Dan Weiden of Weiden and Kennedy, (Coke, Nike, Target, Levi’s, Honda), has decided to dedicate the resources of his advertising agency to the task of changing the dream of the western world, to be one that includes respect for all of life, alongside sustainable growth and development. The campaign is called FOUR YEARS. GO. read full post -»

G8 World Religions Summit

June 20, 2010 : Blog

David Courchene Opens G8 World Religions Summit

Calls on citizens to honor water and Mother Earth

WINNIPEG, ManitobaAnishnabe elder and spiritual leader Dave Courchene will open the G8 World Religions Summit with a message of peace, prayer and a call to action.  The summit, attended by nearly 100 world religious leaders, is being held from June 21 to 23 at the University of Winnipeg. read full post -»

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